A quick and dirty of what I envision this podcast being as we bring on guests and grow. Shooting for an above-average for a first episode and just needed to get this published to move past it.

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01.01 Hello World! about as OG as it Gets – Agency Life

So first episodes, podcasts are usually terrible. I’m gonna shoot for above average.

All right, welcome to the first episode of Oh, agency life. My name is Kyle Mack, and I am the host. This is the first episode that has been contemplated, recorded, and recreated several times. It turns out that being a father and a have a full-time job, and some other side projects don’t allow much time for podcasting. So working this in will be something a little bit of a difficult side. But I’ve come up with some ways to try and make this podcast a little bit better. If you are one of those crazy people, let’s start with the earliest podcast available and binge-listen through the rest that you are the few and far between. I think most people listened to a few episodes at the beginning or then are looking for more content from this. And we’ll start back at the beginning of the catalog. And for those who are well into episodes of the future coming back to listen to this, I apologize for the quality and brevity. But really, what I wanted to accomplish today in this episode was to kind of set the standard of what we’re going to be covering in this show. And, and kind of the benefits of coming on as a guest and becoming a Plus member. So first, the structure of the show really came about. The idea came about of COVID. When that came out, I wanted to create a podcast that allowed me to still network with other smart people in the industry, right? There’s not I At that time, even going to networking events was still pretty brutal. I don’t know if you guys remember that far back. But going to a networking event, everybody wants you to purchase their services. And it never turned into anything other than everybody trying to get you to buy from them what they were doing. So this more or less is a podcast where I get to talk to like-minded people that are excited about what they do and have something to share. So as I tried to think of ways to make this first episode interesting, and something I wanted to do with the site is leave the comments open on all podcasts, I will be going back through and just messaging back commenting. So what I hope you guys do is look back through. If you’re listening to this and you hear something that I recommend, or you’re saying that I want to do with the site, and that hasn’t been done yet, I want you to comment and call me out on it right, call me out, it’d be kind of fun to see how far off some of these go because I’ve listened to first podcast episodes, especially in the marketing industry. And they always have huge plans and never follow through. So let me jump into the structure of the show. So I want to do a couple of episodes a week. The first will be a free one having guests on. With an extension with those, I might keep to the free plus extensions to every episode, so you get a free episode. And then, on those same episodes, if you’re a member, you’ll get an extended version with that guest going deep into some of the things they do. So joining to be a plus member of the Oh agency life podcast will get you access to those in the different RSS feed kind of setup. Now, I have that structured correctly. I don’t know how well that plays with other platforms. So as I’m working on this podcast and figuring out all those details, I’ll be letting you guys know. So either we’ll have exclusive shows for the Plus members, or we will do just extensions on the free shows, kind of a freemium setup. And on those shows, I do want to have kind of a trigger a hat rapid fire of questions for an agency to answer every time I bring someone on. So you can ask some basic questions like how many clients you know, how many clients you have and how many people are currently, or how many you sell. Treatment experts are working there. So like, is there, you know, does every subject matter expert have ten clients? Do they have 15? You know, kind of, you know, what their ballpark pricing is? How long they’ve been in a business where their leads are coming from, trying what platforms they use, right? Are they Google Docs? Are they and, you know, Microsoft?

What does that 365? Or what? CRM, CRM, and project management tools are they using? So I kind of, I’m still working on that list of those rapid-fire questions. So if you hear this, please, and you want something that you need to know from, or hear from every agency and how they do things, just go comment. But more than likely, this will be coming back. So hopefully, by the time you’re coming back, listen through this. I have those ironed out for those future episodes. So, in addition to the extensions to the show, I also wanted to put some time into creating valuable resources on the page to download. So currently, I have a plethora of spreadsheets that I’ve built over the years of Data Studio reports that I have designed and built out for reporting, I have service level agreements, I have proposals that I send to clients, I have, you know, Google Docs for intake calls, I have all that kind of stuff that I need to get cleaned up in a way to put on the resources tab for the Plus members. So members that are part of the community that, you know, need help with the restructuring of their own agency like that, you know, this week, great spot to start really like more angle of the deliverables for clients. So, you know, Title Tag, meta description, and maybe creating quick, quick clips to share on how I work through those, you know, on YouTube to get get some traction that way. And then part of that also, I have the site set up currently to do courses. Some, you know, some ideas around like, not only just like, hey, looking to expand on your SEO knowledge or beginners SEO, or local SEO, or how to package it, but more along the lines of like, this is how I would structure an agency and, and how those workflows basically manage. So the idea behind that is a little loose right now. So I don’t have those kinds of metadata a little bit better. But I also don’t know if I’ll be putting them on the Oh, agency live podcast website because I think they would better serve the podcast by putting them on sites like Udemy, the LinkedIn course site, or any of those other sites that you can list your own courses on and sell. So putting, more or less might put those on those websites and try to use those as traffic drivers back to this podcast. Again, those things are far in the future. Once this gets some traction, I have a steady flow of guests. Yeah, so go to the website if you think you’d be a good guest. There’s a page there to become a guest. Just simple questions about what you want to talk about on the show, kind of give, brainstorm some ideas, send it over, and then we’ll try to get you booked out, you know, next few weeks. So, to get this episode out, I will stop it here, even under 10 minutes. And also to try to make this podcast a little bit better or just because the first ones are usually hard or terrible to get through. I’m going to keep it short. And we’re going to end the podcast here, and I’ll talk to you guys soon.


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