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We would love to discuss having you on oh Agency Life as a guest. Our show is dedicated to benefiting marketing professionals and Agency Owners, and we generally welcome any guest who can contribute to the show in those regards. This includes bloggers, authors, agency owners, marketing experts, small business advisors, etc.

Our Main Goals

  1. Bring new and valuable information to our listeners.
  2. Give guests positive exposure.

Benefits of oh Agency Life Podcast

Links - Do Follow, Indexed

Yes, within reason, we make it easy for our visitors to get to know you and what you are promoting. Look at a podcast episode and see the different sections for recommendations, tools, extra clicks, and links specifically for our plus+ members when logged in. We use a template for all podcasts. 

We also allow guest posts if podcasting isn’t what you’re after. Content must be approved, practical, and relevant to our audience.

We use a percentage of revenue to promote our podcasts. In the first month, we boost our episodes across multiple platforms.

After the first month, we add the podcast to our “evergreen content” and promote the entire catalog to see long-term traffic to our episodes. 

Promotions - Short & Long Term

Social Posts - Because, of Course

Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, email to subs, etc., etc.

We are working to grow this community, and as it does, so does it build your exposure. We put considerable effort into keeping our old episodes relevant, and if you ever want to come back on, please reach out.

To Grow Your Audience

What We Ask From You

Entertain Us

Keep promotions to a minimum, and tell good stories.

Teach Us

In the plus+ extension, teach us something powerful.

Share It

Share the episode once it airs to your socials.
*we will send links in email


Let us know if you want to come back on or have guest recommendations

Cameras On

Body language is important for the natural flow of conversations.


If you are NOT the prospective guest or their appointed representative DO NOT fill in this form for them.

If you know a person that you would like to hear on the show please tell them about our show and send them the link to this page.

oh Agency Life Guest Form

About You

Images Okay To Use

profile pic, product images, book cover, agency logo, etc.

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